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NYLO Metal Finishing, LLC NYLO Metal Finishing, LLC
NYLO Metal Finishing, LLC NYLO Metal Finishing, LLC

Manganese Phosphate Coating:
A smooth coating that provides excellent wear and properties on moving parts. The process meets the binding salt spray requirement of DOD-P-16232F.

Zinc Phosphate Coating: A super phosphate that produces extremely tight, dense & smooth crystal coating.

Light Zinc Phosphate Coating: An excellent base for subsequent organic coating requiring a minimum of material and no loss of reflectivity. It is an outstanding paint & powder coats adhesion resistance. No chipping or peeling. This is an excellent corrosion protection.

Iron Phosphate Coating: A thin iron phosphate coating. Principal use for this phosphate is a base for paints, bonding, powder coat & other organic coatings. Coating weight 50-100mg/sq ft.

Endurion Coating: Rust proof finishing for iron and steel. An excellent lubricity used for breaking in wearing. The torque tension characteristics are very good on threaded fasteners.

Ultra-tech 500: The ultimate in phosphate coating. It exceeds 500 hours salt spray per astm-b-117. It is the most advanced coating of the type available to the industry today. The ultra-tech 500 is an ideal replacement for many types of electro plated finishes as well as baked organic coatings.

The property of ultra-tech 500 is lubricity for use in the smooth break-in of wearing parts such as gears, cams & bearings. The ultra-tech 500 is more than twice as effective as conventional manganese phosphate coating. For threaded fasteners, The characteristics of the finish are similar to cadmium.

Durable Finishes: The standard ultra-tech coating is a light gray color. It is also available in green, black & olive drab. The natural color finishes becomes part of the steel or iron surface, cannot chip or peel. The build-up is perfectly uniform 0.0002-0.0004 of thickness far less than a single coat of paint.

The ultra-tech 500 coatings will meet & exceed the salt spray requirement of military spec. dod-p-16232, type z & type m, class 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Black Oxide Coating: A conversion of the substrate to a black cosmetic look. This coating retains its reflectivity & causes no dimensional change or chipping. It can exceed 900 °F and can be used as a base for paint & subsequent organic coatings.

Passivation: is a chemical treatment for stainless steel; it will improve the corrosion resistance.

Passivation removes free iron and surface contaminate. The surface of part is chemically cleaned to remove grease, dirt and treated by a mild acid. The treatment enhances the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

Testing to verify the effectiveness of the passivation treatment is usually accomplished by salt spray test per ASTM-B-117.

The Military Spec.QQ-P-35, superseded by ASTM A-967.

For Aluminum

Decoral: An alternative to color anodizing. Small parts may be processed collectively in a wide range of brilliant colors, including brass, black, green, blue & any shade of gold.

Chem-oxide: A perfect finish for cosmetic parts and eyelets of all shapes. A Chrome free conversion coating, it is an outstanding base for paint, powder coats and subsequent organic coatings. It provides good conductivity corrosion resistance and high lubricity.

Yellow & Clear Iridite: The most common use for chromating is for corrosion resistance on aluminum & its alloys. It is also used as a pre-coat for subsequent coating. Chromated parts retain the electrical conductivity. Coatings are soft and harden as they age. Curing can be accelerated by heating up to 140°F.


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